Get Ready for Relentless!

Wednesday, July 1st


I hope everyone had a relaxing summer, it's about to get Relentless. Yes our upcoming show officially has a name, Relentless, and music samples have been released to band members. The first week of sectionals is less than a month away!

Welcome new band members! There is a lot of information on this website so please click around. First thing to do, for both new and returning members is to register, here. See you all very soon!

2014 NFL SuperBowl!!

Sunday, February 1st


The Eagle Pride Marching Band members received a special invitation to be a part of SuperBowl XLIX! As part of the Katy Perry Halftime Show and the pre-game activities, our band members were very busy! It was a once in a lifetime experience for everyone involved and gave our band director the opportunity to take one of the most unique selfies ever:

Our band members were part of the group that held the orbs as Katy Perry rode next to them in amazing style:

Despite an exhausting week of 5 - 10 hour practice days everyone had a huge smile on their face at the end of the day. What a way to cap off a historic year for the O'Connor Marching Band!


Saturday, November 15th


The Sandra Day O'Connor Eagle Pride Marching Band was crowned Arizona State Champions by less than one point! We barely edged out Desert Vista, an absolutely amazing band, by barely more than half a point! It was an amazing conclusion to a season of highs and lows and proved above all else that you can put on a performance for the audience AND be technically outstanding.

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