Collin Bushnell

Words cannot describe my past three years in the Sandra Day O'Connor Eagle Pride Marching Band. I walked in the first day, unsure of what to come and I would not change one thing. The experiences I have had with this band are once in a lifetime and the bonds I have created will last a lifetime.

Our marching band embodies that band is more than music. I have not met, or been in a group that is as well bonded as we are. One hundred and sixty of us create a bond as strong as steel. The atmosphere we create is accepting and loving. With a group of our size, everyone has different backgrounds and ideals. However, band has given me the opportunity to be myself. It's a wonderful feeling when people around you accept you for who you are. We are all unique in who we are except one aspect: band. We love what we do!

Don't get me wrong, band will be challenging at times, but we put our all into every practice no matter if it's early in the morning or in the dead of night. The field has basically become a second home. On it we forget about our personal problems because we are enjoying our time with each other and making sure we perform our best. Marching band will make you LOVE performing! You will never forget the exhilarating feeling after each performance. Each time we perform, the feeling only grows. That split second of silence before the audience erupts with applause will leave you more out of breath than the past 10 minutes of performing ever could.

From being in band, the experiences I have are enough for a lifetime. It has help shaped me and given me an opportunity to grow and find out who I am. Marching band on our campus is the most rewarding program. I can say with all my heart that being in this phenomenal band program has changed my life and I have no idea where I would be without it.


Courtney Schrade

Seven years ago, I began my musical journey as a fifth grade-beginning trombonist. Little did I know it would soon lead to an obsession. Since that fateful first day, I have been blessed to play with many amazing musicians. But our Eagle Pride Marching Band is by far the greatest group of people with whom I have performed. I'm excited to embark on this latest stretch of my musical journey as one of your Eagle Pride Marching Band drum majors!

My marching band obsession began innocently freshman year while attending my first sectional. I found myself surrounded by phenomenal musicians who were incredibly joyous people smiling and joking and generally having a great time. Concerned and nervous about the impression I was making, I found it difficult to believe that people could so easily be themselves in this group. However, as band camp rolled around and I spent more time among my bandmates (and in particular my section) I felt that strong band bond forming. Band provided the freedom to be myself while enjoying strong camaraderie. Surrounded by excellent people and lead by an instructor who inspires excellence, I soon succumbed to the obsession of making magical marching music.

I've had a great many magical band experiences during the last three years, but I am most profoundly impacted by friendship. They say that friends made in marching band become friends for life. I can say I'm certainly looking forward to life with these friends! Band nourishes both musically and socially, and members of the Eagle Pride Marching Band embrace challenge to create truly exceptional shows.

And let me be clear, band is a challenge. You learn to love the practices that often begin before the sun is up. You learn to love practices that go deep in to the night. You learn to love sectionals that cut dangerously into homework time. You learn to love the knitpicky way practice goes, because you know that few get to experience excellence like the Eagle Pride Marching Band. You find yourself looking forward to it, being around people you love making lovely music while having the time of your life. I look forward to all that we'll accomplish together this year, and secretly hope that you'll become infected with the same band obsession I've developed!